Oxford is a city still reeling from the tragic school shooting that took the lives of 4 students, but Ava Swiss is using her singing talent to help the city Rise Up.

Ava is an Oxford resident, and like the rest of the community, she was devastated by the tragedy that happened at the high school. Ava has been an active member of the community and school, singing the national anthem at Oxford games over the last couple of years.

Ava was asked to sing at a candlelight vigil for the four students that lost their lives during the tragic shooting. The entire community showed up to honor Hana St. Juliana,  Tate Myre, Madisyn Baldwin, and Justin Shilling. As the vigil came to a close Ava sang 'Rise Up' from Andra Day. The strength it must have taken to sing in front of the entire town while everyone was still trying to process exactly what had happened, is unimaginable.

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You can see Ava singing at the vigil below.

The performance touched everyone at the vigil in ways that I'm not even sure they expected.

There's something about music that touches and connects parts of us that we sometimes can't with words. Even the tone in her voice as she sings brings goosebumps to everyone listening.

I'm not sure who had the original idea, but Ava posted a video on her YouTube channel Sunday that brought tears to my eyes.

The video is a compilation of pictures and videos showing the victims, the tributes, and Ava singing Rise Up in a studio. The description simply says, "I would like to thank my uncle Kenny for taking me to record this song and for making this possible. I love you Oxford"

Her voice is incredible. There's no denying that, but her passion for the community she lives in is what comes through the most in this version.

We all know that there is no easy answer for everyone grieving in Oxford. The tragedy will shape the lives of every single person involved going forward, and nobody is exactly sure how to express that in words.

Sometimes words aren't the best way to say something though, sometimes it's music that can bring some sort of peace or understanding.

To everyone in Oxford, we are all here for you and will continue to support you as you try to heal from this unthinkable tragedy.

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