Paul McCartney fans can now enjoy a new form of musical experimenting. The former Beatle has added a mixing board application to his website, allowing visitors to act as the producer on some of his most popular songs.

In 1971, McCartney was dealing with the breakup of the Beatles and attempting to move on with his solo career. The singer and his wife Linda escaped London for some peace and quiet on their farm in Scotland, but it wasn’t long before they were able to convert the barn into a music studio where McCartney could experiment. Some of his first solo work was borne out of the period, working in what they dubbed ‘Rude Studio.’

By visiting here, fans have the option of working on such tracks as ‘Maybe I’m Amazed,’ ‘Let Me Roll It,’ ‘Band on the Run,’ or ‘Monkberry Moon Delight.’ The mixing board allows you to adjust the levels of the keyboards, guitars, vocals, and drums and bass, while tampering with such effects as echo, echo time, flanger, and cutoff frequency. After you’re done, you also have the option of saving your mix and sending it in for review. The favorites are being posted at the website.

In other Paul McCartney news, the singer is offering a look at the recent Olympic Opening Ceremony performance from a different perspective. He’s posted a behind-the-scenes clip that reveals his pre-show instruction from director Danny Boyle, as well as giving the viewer a look at how the stadium, fireworks, and pageantry looked from his point of view before, during and after his performance of ‘Hey Jude.’

Watch Paul McCartney Behind the Scenes at the Olympics

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