In case you did not notice - winter is coming.

As of today, there are 46 days until spring. We may as well try to make the best of winter, you know the saying - if you can't beat em, join em. Lucky for us, there are a lot of great winter sports to enjoy locally, including ice climbing in Fenton. It's true - and I have all of the exciting details.

Where can I ice climb in Fenton?

Peabody Ice Climbing Club, located at 12326 Foley Road. If you are from the Fenton area, you may remember Peabody Orchard. The orchard has since closed and the land is home to this exciting ice climbing adventure.

How high are the ice towers? 

Two towers, 45ft, and 72ft tall, are iced over in the winter to offer a place for experienced ice climbers as well as a great introduction for people interested in the sport.

How much is it?

As you will see below, rates vary by how often you want to climb.

  • Day Pass: $20
  • Punch Pass: $80
  • Annual Membership: $200
  • Gear Rental*: $20 or $5 per item (ice axes, crampons, boots, helmet)
  • Beginner Instruction (required for those who don’t have belay experience): $10

Is there a place to keep warm before or after climbs?

Yes, there is! In addition to the two ice towers and the mixed walls, Peabody Ice Climbing has a heated clubhouse, a 10-person sauna, and a heated bunkhouse that will accommodate up to 12 people. Guests are also encouraged to camp in tents too.

Can I reserve equipment and a climb time?

Yes, guests are encouraged to do so here.

What if I am too scared to climb the towers, is there another option?

Yes, there is. Peabody Ice Climbing also has an ice wall for guests to climb. You can see the ice wall and more in the photo gallery below.

If you go, please be sure to share your pictures with me. Happy ice climbing.

Peabody Ice Climbing


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