If anyone knows about lawyers, it's Lindsey Lohan. Okay, maybe she does not really know everything about them, but she sure has been represented by her fair share of them. That being said, I think the fact that she is now a spokesperson for Lawyer.com is a match made in heaven. Or should I say a match made in the courtroom?

Watching Lindsey in the video below got me thinking about what I would be a good spokesperson for. Can you guess the first thing that came to mind? TEQUILA! I would rule the tequila marketing world. Not only am I a spokesperson, I am a user! Think of all of the money to be made!

I am not sure what LL is getting paid for hocking Lawyers.com - but I am sure it is a pretty good size penny. I bet she even gets free legal help from them. Could I possibly get money from a tequila company (I am talking to you Patron) and free tequila? Now that is a match made in rehab.

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