Former Kiss drummer Peter Criss reunited with ex-bandmate Gene Simmons in New York City on Saturday (Mar. 24) at one of the bassist’s fan events for his Gene Simmons Vault collection. You can watch the light-hearted moment above and a longer recording of the event below.

Simmons led the audience through a light-hearted jam of The Beatles’ “A Day in The Life,” noting its simple chord structure until the orchestration began. When Criss arrived they embraced to a round of applause, then spent a few seconds, heads together, in private conversation. Simmons told the crowd: “He just told me to fuck off!”

Finally given a mic, Criss said: “I had to come and say ‘hi’ to my bass player from my old band, Kiss. No, really, Gene sent me a wonderful invitation I couldn’t resist, and we haven’t seen each other since the [Rock & Roll] Hall of Fame…” He mentioned a “Twinky thing” the pair used to have going, to which Simmons interrupted: “He means cake.”

“I do have a big place in my heart for Gene,” the drummer continued. “I always will.” He thanked the audience for attending, noting of Simmons: “He loves to be loved,” triggering a happy dance from the bassist.

A previous Vault event featured Ace Frehley, Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer. Former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent will be appearing at the April 14 stop in Nashville. Simmons is staging a progression round the U.S., personally delivering the limited-edition collections to buyers. The set, including attendance at a Vault event, cost $2,000, with the most expensive version retailing for $50,000.

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