In this industry of radio, we have the opportunity to make big things happen, not only for the community, but for bands who are on the rise. The support between DJ, his audience and the musician has changed a lot over the years, and is one I personally feel needs to be strengthened again. John O'Leary was fatally stabbed by his roommate on Nov. 21, 2021, and his roommate was soon arrested for his murder. John had been a DJ in Detroit for nearly 40 years and made a major impact in the community and market, as someone I grew up listening to.

One of the biggest bands that has ever come through Detroit to claim it as their "home away from home," The J. Geils Band, has always made it a point to let it know how important Detroit is to them, having released three live albums, all recorded in Detroit (Full House: Cinderella Ballroom 1972, Blow Your Face Out: Cobo Hall 1976, Showtime!: Pine Knob 1982). Recently their front man, Peter Wolfe, took to Facebook to deliver a tribute to John:

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To John O'Leary:

We sure knew how to have a good time. When the Geils Band would come into town, we'd take over the top floor of the Hilton Hotel, John would be there, and we'd go on for days on end; Sometimes he didn't even make it to work. Well, John sure knew how to "House Par-tay," and in the tradition of New Orleans, we mourn the passing but celebrate the life. So here's to ya' John, a real "Hard Drivin'" man. Ew-YA!"

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