A 29-year-old polar bear named Tundra has died after being at the Detroit Zoo for only a few months. 

Tundra arrived in Michigan in June after the Indianapolis Zoo decided to renovate their polar bear exhibit. They decided on the Detroit Zoo, which has one of the largest polar bear habitats in North America. According to USA Today, "The Arctic Ring Of Life" is an indoor/outdoor exhibit, 4-acres in size, with a pool that holds 300,000 gallons.

Tundra died Monday morning from a sudden illness, and although the exact illness has not been determined, a test called a necropsy will be performed to find out what it was. While this is a sad occurrence, Tundra actually had a long life for a polar bear. Most polar bears in captivity live 21-24 years, and in the wild usually only 15-18. At 29-years-old, it was perhaps just her time to go.


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