Oops! When they warn of a small craft advisory, maybe you should make sure you take heed.

The annual event, the Port Huron Float Down, didn't go very smoothly this past weekend. Most years, thousands of floating enthusiasts show up to float on the St. Clair river on a lazy and fun day.  But high winds and very heavy rain drove some tubers to be separated from their groups and land in Canada.

By about 4pm on Sunday, local emergency crews, including the United States Coast Guard, had their hands full with tons of calls for help. Even Canadian emergency crews had their hands full as well. There were so many people who ended up in Canada that Canadian officials set up a makeshift refugee camp to screen anyone who landed on Canadian territory before getting them back to the Port Huron side.

Yikes! Word is that there were some minor injuries, but everyone got back safe. Thanks to all the help domestically and internationally.


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