There have been some human remains discovered in Sturgis Michigan that may have connections to the Civil War.

According to FOX 17, Tuesday some human remains were found by a construction crew and now experts are studying the skeletal remains to find out how old they are.

The Director of Public Safety, Geoff Smith, said the bones were found near S. Nottawa Street and Bogen Road. On Wednesday morning more remains have been found which could mean this is some sort of burial ground.

The Veterans Affairs Coordinator of St. Joseph County say the remains could be original settlers of Sturgis. But researchers are also saying these remains could have possible Civil War connections.

Some in the community had speculated that the remains were from a missing six-year-old girl, Brittney Beers, has been missing from Sturgis since 1997. Researchers did say the remains of very old and not likely the young girl.

Currently the remains are carbon dating testing while the Western Michigan University Anthropology and Michigan State Police keep investigating.

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