Full disclosure, I would not get out of my car to pick up a snake in the middle of the road. I would definitely swerve to avoid running it over, but there is no way I would get out, pick it up, and carry it to safety. Would you?

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A woman in Arizona did just that, while pregnant. Tawney Rauch can be seen in the video above, using her flip flop and hands, to carry the snake to safety. According to reports, Rauch knew the gopher snake was not poisonous. How did she know? Her parents taught her the difference between snakes early on. That is impressive parenting. I don't know the differences between snakes, but I can certainly tell you the difference between a good tequila and a bad tequila.

Since the video was posted to Facebook, it has gone viral. Like I said, I would not be this brave. The only snake I would help is Ironsnake - they rule.

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