This is one back to school video you may actually be interested in watching.

I do not have kids, so I am not exactly sure how students are typically welcomed back to school - but I am sure a pole dance is not the norm. However, a pole dancer was the welcome wagon for 500 students and 100 parents. Can you imagine?

At first when I read the story on this, I thought the principal was the one who performed the dance. Now that would have been something. Nonethelss, the fact that the principal did hire the dancer is just as nuts. I don't know if anyone tipped the pole dancer, but I do know the principal was fired on the same day that the dance went down.

According to reports, a motivational speaker is normally what students will hear on the first day of school in China. I am not sure what the kids thought, but I am sure some of the adults were 'motivated'. I feel like there is a lunch money joke somewhere in this story.



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