Thanksgiving dinner is in the can.

Some of you may remember Pringles toying with our taste buds last year with a video about Thanksgiving themed chips. It seemed too good to be true, and it was. The turkey day chips were not for sale. However, this year things have changed. Good news pilgrim - Pringels WILL be selling turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie flavored chips this year.

The chips go on sale today, November 6th at 11:59 pm, and are only available at the Kellogg online store. As of right now, the page is not set up. My guess is it will be at 11:59 pm. A 3-pack will run you $14.99 and supplies are limited.

I think I am going to place an order (if they don't run out first). Are you? If you are lucky enough to score some, before they are sold out - let me know how they taste. If these chips are as good as they sound, I may volunteer to serve Thanksgiving dinner next year to my family. Out of cans of course.

Kellogg Company Press Release
Kellogg Company Press Release


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