So 'Smurfing' is a thing. I had no idea what it meant, until now.

Smurfing is when you purchase products that contain psuedoephedrine. PSE is found in cold and allergy pills and also used to make meth. According to Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton, if you are caught smurfing, you will be facing a five year felony conviction.

Leyton has teamed up with Michigan Pharmacists Association CEO Larry Wagenkneckt to catch people with a program called NPLEX. The program monitors how much and or how many products a person is buying that contain PSE.

I cannot even understand why anyone would try meth in the first place. It totally destroys your body and livelihood. Obviously if you are approached to make a purchase for someone, DO NOT. Your freedom is not worth it, and you are not doing that person any favors.

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