From the looks of the pictures, it's incredible that they survived.

Michigan State Police are sharing pictures from a camper explosion in Beulah that occurred yesterday, and the story itself is pretty incredible.

67-year-old Ed Monday and his wife Norma Jean had their travel trailer set up at Veteran's Memorial State Forest Campground near Beulah yesterday when they turned on the propane and lit the stove to make coffee around 7 AM.

Within minutes, the trailer was engulfed in flames.

Ed, who is a Vietnam veteran and a recipient of the Purple Heart, was on fire when he was able to lift the roof off of his wife so she and their new puppy could escape the inferno.

When paramedics arrived, Ed had 2nd and 3rd degree burns over more than half of his body. The hospital in Traverse City transferred him to Grand Rapids for further care. His wife was released from the hospital with minor injuries.

Investigators believe that there was a leak in the fuel line and that the explosion happened when Ed lit the flame on the stove. Not only was he able to escape and rescue his wife and dog, but he was also able to turn off the propane and even attempted to unhook the camper from his truck.

This guy is a true hero, in so many ways. Not only for being an underappreciated veteran of the Vietnam war but for having the wherewithal to rescue his wife and dog while he was ON FIRE. Speechless.

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