You still have plenty of time to check out the Quadrantids meteor shower, one of the biggest and most spectacular meteor showers of the new year.

When Can You Watch The Quadrantids Meteor Shower?

We were originally told that the Quadrantids meteor shower could only be seen in the night sky between January 1 through the 5th. However, According to Earth Sky, you might spot a Quadrantid any time between now and January 16. The annual meter showers' peak was this past Monday but that doesn't mean you won't still see some fireballs in the night sky.

The Quadrantids are believed to be the creation of the asteroid and extinct comet 2003 EH1. The meteors radiate from where the constellations Hercules, Boötes, and Draco meet in the sky.

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The best way to watch meteor showers in general is by getting away from city lights and finding a dark area, like out in the country. It’s also advised that you give yourself 15 to 30 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the night sky.

My dad recently purchased a Oberwerk Binocular Telescope, which is one the most-powerful, versatile and highest-quality binoculars on the market. Our plan is to freeze our tails off this weekend and look to the night sky with these binoculars with hopes of getting a closer look at the Quadrantids. However, you don't need binoculars or a telescope to see the meteor shower which can generate roughly 40 meteors per hour, they can easily be witnessed with the naked eye.

Our next major meteor shower will be the Lyrids Meteor Shower in April.

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