Several weeks ago, Queensryche offered fans the first early glimpse of their upcoming album with the new track 'Redemption' -- and now they're following up with another pre-release single, titled 'Fallout.'

The self-titled effort, due to arrive in North American stores on June 25, offers 11 tracks that find the band working with new vocalist Todd La Torre -- a significant departure after 30 years with former lead singer Geoff Tate, but one that guitarist Michael Wilton promises will be a "seamless integration."

"It's a rebirth and it's a fresh energy and we're firing on all cylinders," Wilton enthused during a recent interview, adding that La Torre "definitely knows all the in-between-the-breaths, all the nuances [in the old songs] — everything — and it's amazing that we found him and that he has that talent. And as well as on the new Queensryche, the elements of his own personal voice break through as well."

Discussing the creative process behind the new songs, Wilton added, "This was a whole band participation; there was no outside writers. Todd brings his elements and his creativity and his entity into the band. And it's on all cylinders. He is very gracious; [there is] no ego [involved]. And if it's lyrics, if it's melodies, if it's a suggestion on a drum part or a guitar part, everybody's open-minded. This is a democracy and it is a beautiful element."

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