Three more car dealerships in the area will soon bear the Randy Wise Moniker. Grand Blanc Motorcars will be under the Randy Wise umbrella as the Wise automotive group acquires its eighth dealership in the immediate area.

The dealerships which were formerly known as Grand Blanc Motorcars will be known as Randy Wise Motorcars, BMW of Grand Blanc, Mercedes Benz of Grand Blanc and Randy Wise Toyota, according to the Tri-County Times.

When the sale of the dealership is completed, Randy Wise Automotive will own eight locations and 13 brands across the three-county area.

Chris Wise, who serves as Vice President to the company praised Dave Isbell and his team for the work they've done to grow Grand Blanc Motorcars over the years.

“Randy and I are so excited to have the Grand Blanc Motorcars Team onboard. Dave Isbell has established a tremendous group of caring and hardworking employees that put the customer at the center of everything they do," Wise tells the Tri County Times. "We look forward to growing the Randy Wise Team with three world-class companies and can't wait to get going.”

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