A federal judge handed down her approval of the $626 Million settlement in the Flint Water Crisis, but many Flint residents are not happy.

The settlement is thought to be the biggest in Michigan history, but don't let the word "settlement" fool you, this is far from over. Many Flint residents have already opted out of this mass settlement so they can go forward with their own lawsuit against the state.

The majority of the money has been marked for people that were 18 years or younger during the Flint Water Crisis. 80% of the money according to Mlive is dedicated to the children impacted during the crisis. While that may sound good on the surface, it means that there is even less money for adult Flint residents living through the aftermath.

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The reaction to the settlement was almost immediate, with former Flint Mayor, Karen Weaver leading the charge.

Mari Copeny, aka Little Miss Flint, hit Twitter as well with her reaction to the settlement.

Copeny has been advocating for kids in Flint since the onset of the Flint Water Crisis more than 7 years ago. She and her mom have worked to make sure the world knows that the crisis still is not over. Lulu Brezzell is Copeny's mom, and she told Mlive that this settlement is basically like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound.

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There is potential for even more outrage in the near future because the courts have not announced how much the lawyers will be paid in the case. Some experts think the lawyers' fees will be in the millions, and that money will come out of the overall settlement.

Like I said earlier, this is far from over, much like the Flint Water Crisis itself. You can read through the Flint Water Crisis timeline here.

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