Red Lobster is now in on the chicken sandwich game, but the seafood chain is not stopping there - they are also serving a new fish sandwich called the Codzilla (clever).

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According to Red Lobster, their new Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich features spicy-sweet chicken tenders drizzled with ranch, and topped with fresh lettuce and zesty banana peppers, and served on a toasted brioche bun. Sounds like a true competitor in the chicken sandwich war.

Who knew the chicken sandwich business was so cut throat? I assume the chickens themselves are well aware. I swear I can't drive down the street without seeing a billboard for a chicken sandwich. From McDonald's to Popeyes - everyone is serving a new or improved chicken sandwich.

I have not had one of the new chicken sandwiches at McDonald's, but I have had the original Popeyes Chicken Sandwich and it is the bomb. This sandwich is so damn good, and it is only like $4 dollars. Popeyes offers a spicy version as well. I have not tried it, but my boyfriend Nick absolutely loves it.

As far as the Red Lobster Nashville Chicken Sandwich goes, I am down to try it. Their new fish sandwich sounds good too. The Codzilla features a huge piece of fried cod, served on a brioche bun with crunchy slaw and tartar sauce.

I did call Red Lobster in Flint on Pierson Road, and they are serving both sandwiches. That location does make some great cocktails too by the way. Just saying. Enjoy!

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