Despite the popularity and availability of specialty coffee drinks, regular coffee is still a popular beverage.

According to Technomic's "Market Intelligence Report: Coffee and Tea," coffee and tea rank second among consumers, with 60-percent saying they've had at least one cup in the past month.  Coffee and tea is only surpassed by non-diet carbonated soft drinks, which 62-percent reported drinking over the past 30 days.  Regular hot coffee consumption is actually up, with 14-percent saying they're buying more cups of coffee this year than they did in 2009.  Iced tea purchases have also increased by ten-percent.  Green tea is an overwhelming favorite among tea drinkers, with 73-percent saying it's their flavor preference whether it's hot or iced.  Just over 60-percent also like lemon-flavored tea, and 60-percent enjoy tea with a touch of honey.