Don't scream, but rocker and director Rob Zombie has partnered with the horror buff's ultimate soundtrack destination, Waxwork Records, to issue a curated line of never-before-released classic horror movie soundtracks under the banner Rob Zombie Presents.

It starts with Rob Zombie Presents 'White Zombie' — the 1932 Bela Lugosi picture that gave Zombie's early band its name — available in a deluxe 180-gram "Zombie & Jungle" colored vinyl package with liner notes by the entertainer himself. It's the first time the White Zombie soundtrack has been available on vinyl.

Toward the bottom of this post, see the cover art and track list for Rob Zombie Presents 'White Zombie.'

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"I have always been a huge fan of movie soundtracks," Zombie says — an understatement to those familiar with his work. He continues, "So I jumped at the opportunity to work with Waxwork on this project."

Zombie "can't wait to release these albums," he adds. "Many of these films are greatly under appreciated and they all contain such great music. To be able to release these deluxe packages is a dream come true."

He says White Zombie is a "great film that not a lot of people know about. It amazes me that a film that is so readily available can be so lost."

Get your copy of Rob Zombie Presents 'White Zombie.'

The former White Zombie bandleader and current solo artist broke into horror with 2003's House of 1000 Corpses, later making sequels The Devil's Rejects and 3 From Hell. Zombie rebooted Halloween for two films in 2007 and 2009. He also directed other horror pics such as 2012's The Lords of Salem.

Rob Zombie Presents 'White Zombie' Soundtrack Album Artwork + Track Listing

'Rob Zombie Presents White Zombie' soundtrack artwork

1. "Zombie Chant"
2. "The Living Dead"
3. "Sugar Mill (Cheap Labor)"
4. "Driving Away Evil Spirits"
5. "Wedding"
6. "A Toast to the Bride"
7. "I See Death"
8. "Madeleine's Coffin in the Crypt"
9. "Neil at the Bar"
10. "They Are My Servants/Empty Tomb"
11. "Castle"
12. "Madeleine Plays Piano"
13. "Those Empty, Staring Eyes"
14. "Silver, Silver, Thrown to the Well"
15. "To the Future"
16. "Evil Spirits"
17. "A Cloud of Vultures"
18. "Madeleine on the Balcony…"
19. "Eyes Arise"
20. "Madeleine With Knife"
21. "Neil Finds Madeleine"
22. "Madeleine Smiles"
23. "Have You Got a Match"
24. "End Chant"

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