A robbery in Genesee Township's "Birdland" neighborhood has victims incredibly upset, and looking for answers. 

Thursday, February 17th sometime between 6p-9p, an unknown assailant (or assailants) entered a residence on Bluejay Drive and stole roughly $4,000 worth of property, including jewelry, a safe, and even one victim's medication.

The crime happened while the residents were out to dinner, and the uncharacteristically early time frame for a burglary would indicate that the culprit(s) are desperate, surveilling homes in the area, or just not that smart. No matter which proves to be true -- there is cause for concern among area residents. Make sure you keep your doors and vehicles locked, and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

The victim we spoke with is understandably upset, and asked to remain anonymous, but is hopeful that getting this story out there may bring forth more details that will assist Genesee Township Police with the investigation.

If you witnessed suspicious activity in the area, or have any information in regards to this crime, please contact the Genesee Township Police at (810) 640-2000 extension 316.

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