It's not too surprising when the top rock and metal bands continue to dominate the rock charts, but it's quite another thing when their songs become so popular that they hit the mainstream and become part of the overall public zeitgeist in defining an era. For years, Billboard has kept track of the most popular songs across all genres as part of their Hot 100 chart, but for many, you've truly made it when you crack the Top 40 of that chart. Here, we're taking a look at some of the biggest rock and metal acts that have ever crossed over and found success with two or more Top 40 songs.

This gallery provides an interesting look at how acts from different eras stack up against one another as well and a look at how rock was once more easily accepted and welcomed by mainstream radio listeners. How do '80s breakouts Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and Van Halen compare with '60s and '70s legends from The Who, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith? Who has more Top 40 hits - Nirvana or Paramore? Which legendary singer turns up on this list as a solo artist and with two separate bands? You can find out below.

It's also interesting to see how certain songs you would assume would be an act's biggest hit may not have even been their highest charting song. Do you know what Metallica song charted higher than "Enter Sandman"? How about which Guns N' Roses songs (yes multiple) hit higher than "Welcome to the Jungle"? Take a look and see as we count down the 91 Rock + Metal Acts With Two or More Top 40 Songs.

* Data was compiled as of December 2022.

91 Rock + Metal Acts With Two or More Top 40 Songs

These songs rocked, then rolled over into the mainstream.

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