Roger Daltrey's autobiography now has a publisher and a scheduled release date. He's signed with Henry Holt and Co. in the U.S. and Blink Publishing in the U.K. The still-untitled memoir, first mentioned last year, is due in August 2018.

Going in, the longtime Who singer said he knew what kind of book he wanted to write. "It's about getting an angle that carries the reader with you," he told Rolling Stone. "You can't do just a series of events. Most of the rock biographies that I've read, I kind of got bored with about halfway to two-thirds of the way through. I hope not to fall into that trap."

A news release says the autobiography will cover both Daltrey's tenure with the Who and his life away from the band, framing it all with thoughts on how his native Britain has changed over the years.

Last year, Daltrey said it was important to get a handle on how the memoir was progressing before making anything official. "People sign a publishing deal and they have to put it out because they've taken the money," he told Rolling Stone. "Well, bollocks to the money, I don't care about the money. I want [to write] a good book."

Daltrey's autobiography follows bandmate Pete Townshend's Who I Am, released back in 2012. Townshend later said that closely examining his lyrics for the book ultimately led him to therapy.

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