Roger Waters has written about the costs of war in the past, most notably on Pink Floyd's The Wall and The Final Cut albums. And with Donald Trump now president of the United States, he fears the world is heading down a similar and frightening path.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Waters noted that "fighting is always about cash. War is hugely profitable. It creates so much money because it's so easy to spend money very fast. There are huge fortunes to be made."

And he's worried that Trump, a businessman by nature, may see a lucrative reason for building up the U.S.' armed forces. "All the Donald cares about is business," he said. "He cares about winning and losing at business. He just wants to be the strongest country in the world and to dictate what he believes to everybody else, and he is trying to do so and will continue to try to do so until the resistance grows to the point where hopefully he can be removed from office."

As Waters points out, he "actually pay[s] taxes in the States," so his concern is personal for a number of reasons. "He wants to spend even more of [our] resources in this country on creating a larger Army, Air Force and Navy, and creating more conflict 'round the world because it's good for business."

Waters will be hitting the road in May for a massive North American tour that will keep him busy through the end of October. The Us + Them tour will include songs from Pink Floyd's catalog as well as from Waters' solo career, which will expand sometime this year with the release of a new solo album, Is This The Life We Really Want?, his first in 25 years.

He's also suggested staging The Wall at the U.S.-Mexico border in protest of Trump's proposed wall. Either way, he hopes the upcoming tour will make a difference in some way. "We have to organize our love in such a way that it becomes a potent and powerful enough tour to resist their narcissism and their greed and their callous disregard for the feelings of others and their absolute lack of the ability to empathize with anybody," he told Rolling Stone. "It's a lack of empathy that creates a true sociopath like Donald Trump."

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