Today June 2nd, Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts turns 70 years old.  The rocker has spent 48 years of his life with the Stones, which he says comes as a surprise to him.

“I always thought The Rolling Stones would last a year or two because all the bands I’d been in, that’s how long they’d last.  A couple of years is a long time when you’re 18, 19 years old.”

The rocker has enjoyed a stellar career in music, providing the backbone of the Stones' rhythm section, as well as indulging his love of jazz by forming his own quintet as a side project.

Known for his calm, reserved demeanour onstage, Watts has also enjoyed a largely scandal-free private life, remaining loyal to his wife of 47 years, Shirley.

I bet you didn't know that Charlie is a lifelong lover of horses, he lives in a rural village in Devon, south west England, where he runs an Arabian horse stud farm with his wife. Rock On Charlie.