It's getting hot and steamy at the roller rink these days.

You gotta' love Craigslist 'Missed Connections'. It's the gift that just keeps me giggling at my desk. I love to scour through all the ads and find you the tasty good ones. Here's one for you roller disco types, a craigslist user is looking for a lady in skates at Rollhaven in Flint during spring break:

You were skating with your kids and I was skating with mine, your beautiful, our eyes met many times, hoping there could be something there, maybe meet up for drinks/lunch sometime?

Other than the obvious your/you're misstep in the ad, it's pretty solid. As a fellow roller skater, I hope these two get together. I'm sure they could really bust out some sweet couples skate moves when they do. I guess only time will tell.

Babilonia And Gardner
Getty Images

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