Ronnie Wood is sharing some of his memories of the late Jimi Hendrix.  The Rolling Stones guitarist says he and Hendrix were friends in the late '60s, and they even shared a home for a while. He tells Britain's Absolute Radio UK that Hendrix was insecure as a vocalist.  Wood says he'd ask Jimi about his shows, and recalls that "he'd go, 'Oh, the guitar was okay, man, but my voice...I really can't sing."  Ronnie explains that he tried to be encouraging, and would tell Jimi 'don't worry about it."  Ron adds that he'd tell Hendrix his singing was "all part of the side-effect," and he thought his voice went "great" with the way he would "strum and play amazing guitar."  Wood says he was also one of the last people to see Hendrix alive, at a party the night before Jimi died.  Ron remembers seeing Hendrix leave, and having a difficult time getting his attention to say goodbye because Jimi was so intoxicated.