Now, there isn’t necessarily a correlation between those tuning into the 2012 Olympics, and those who watch reality TV, but it’s no secret that the more public attention one attracts the more likely people are going to try every means of capitalizing on their fame. Gold Medal-winning swimmer (and admitted pool-peer) Ryan Lochte has certainly attracted his fair share of attention outside of his athletic prowess, so might the Olympian next take on the world of reality TV?

The Hollywood Reporter is… well, reporting that 2012 Olympic athlete Ryan Lochte may soon parlay his notoriety into the world of reality television, on top of his endorsement deals, upcoming talk show appearances and even a potential FunnyOrDie sketch with the legendary Will Ferrell. The 28 year-old Lochte’s sports agent Erika Wright says, “I cannot tell you the exact shows, but two different reality show concepts have been offered and one additional is being discussed.”

Independent of his five gold medal wins, Lochte has achieved a bit of notoriety during the 2012 Olympic games, publicly admitting to urinating in the pool prior to races, attempting to wear a diamond American-flag grill during his gold medal acceptance and his mother’s ill-conceived statement that her son only has time for one-night stands. Amidst partying in London, Lochte even suggested to reporters that he would be open to a ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ appearance, potentially squaring off against fellow notable swimmer Michael Phelps.

In addition to talk of moving to Los Angeles from his native Rochester, New York after the games, it’s been said of Lochte that “He has this Kanye West-like persona in terms of attention,” according to Jesse Ryback of consultancy Premier Partnerships. “That makes him even more memorable.”

Yeah, because that’s a comparison everyone wants for themselves.

What say you? Have you been following Ryan Lochte’s antics at the 2012 London Olympics? Do you think he has the buzz to succeed in reality TV after the games? Give us your scorecard in the comments below!

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