The cost of everything is going up these days after a couple of tough business years due to the pandemic. Well, almost everything. The price of gas continues to drop, and that's a really good thing.

People do a lot of shopping at Costco and Sam's Clubs in hopes of saving money. They are in many ways, except the cost of the membership. Sam's just announced their annual membership price is going up, according the CNBC and Reuters.


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It won't be until October 17, but then a club members will reportedly jump to $50 annually, up $5 from the original fee. And, that's not the only fee that will increase. Sam's Club "Plus" membership will be $110, an increase of $10.

That's not too bad, since Reuters reports that this is the first price increase for membership fees in nine years.

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So, what about Sam's big rival, Costco? They have always had more expensive annual fees. Costco's "Gold Star" membership is $60 annually. The "Executive" membership is $120 a year.

For those not a member, you are probably thinking should I, or shouldn't I, join "the warehouse club?"


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Let's look at it. The website Money Wise Money Matters says that to make a Costco or Sam's membership worth it, you would need to get at least $60 or $50 a year in savings. You can certainly do that if you shop for a large family and find Items that are really cheaper than at a normal grocery store.

However, if you are shopping for just you it might not be worth it.


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To get a good idea if they are right for you or not, try it out. Neither Sam's or Costco offer a free trial membership however you can still try risk-free because you can cancel your membership at any time and get your money back.

That's worth trying if you're so inclined.


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