Now this is a Santa Claus I can relate to. This Santa travels by boat and is clumsy. Hey, not every home has a chimney, SC has to adapt to his surroundings to make sure all of the good boys and girls get presents. The internet surely got a present with this gem of a video.

Watch as the jolly gent arrives on shore to adoring Santa fans. As Mr. Claus attempts to get off of the boat - he totally bites it! I should preface that I enjoy seeing people fall - as long as they are NOT seriously hurt afterward. As you will see in the video above, Santa Claus is just fine. He actually made a great recovery.

I do find this humorous in another way too. We are told that Santa Claus is ALWAYS watching to see if we are naughty or nice. Turns out we have eyes on you to old man! Take that. Merry Christmas!


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