Sarah Palin won’t be a onstage this week at the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida. But, hurricane permitting, convention goers will have the opportunity to get an up close look at the former Vice Presidential candidate’s naked doppelganger, porn star Lisa Ann.

“I don’t think she’s as thrilled with me as a I am with her,” said the Palin-lookalike of Palin in a press conference. Lisa Ann, who’s been impersonating the political lightning rod since 2008, is among the hundreds of extra strippers who have been called to Tampa to work the city’s strip clubs during the GOP convention.

In anticipation of a flood of big money donors, many of Tampa’s halls of nudity are doubling their prices. They are also setting up special tents out front that would allow dignitaries to enter the establishments directly from their cars to keep them hidden from any prying news cameras.

It is expected that the girls will be making upwards of $1000 a night during the political powwow. (Money that will be no doubt be going to sick grandmothers and college funds.)

Tampa is known for its strip clubs, and boasts of having the hottest dancers in the world. One wonders if that’s why the Republicans planned their convention there in the first place.

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