Today I learned (courtesy of the Free Beer and Hotwings Show) that tomorrow, April 21st is 'National Husband Appreciation Day'. I have told you before, I will tell you again, there is a day for everything.

I love a celebration MUCH MORE than the next guy, but I won't be celebrating. Can you believe I do not have a husband? Shocking right? Surprisingly enough, no one has ever asked me to marry them. Another shock right? I type that with much sarcasm. I am probably not the easiest person to get along with (unless you add tequila).

For those of you that do have a husband, I hope he is a good one and deserves the recognition. If he is not worthy, go about your day as normal. Maybe add a little tequila for giggles. Happy National Husband Appreciation Day. Now make me a sandwich or a drink. Cheers.

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