We've done it. We've changed Earth to reflect our time here and it's got a new snazzy name.

Good luck pronouncing this, but we are now in the age of Anthropocene. This is considered a new geological frame in time where if someone where to study the Earth's geological layers, they would find our stamp on it. Here's a rough sciency graph:

The Guardian via British Geological Survey

Here are the factors that drove the decision to declare the new human-influenced epoch, Anthropocene.

  1. New Carbon in the atmosphere
  2. Adding more chemicals into the environment
  3. New human-made materials that will out live us
  4. Life changing i.e. extinctions and new species
  5. Changes adding up and developing layers to track

Some may see this new development as a warning of horrible things to possibly come, others see the potential of newer, science breakthroughs. I'm not too sure what to think about this. My reasonable side is kind of wondering what this means for the human race and what we are doing to our Earth. The sci-fi fan girl in me, is wondering how long we have until I can start wearing leather and chain-mail so I can lead an army of my own in the desert. Just sayin'...