If there's been one upside to the quarantine this year, it's been a surge in creativity amongst people who are trapped at home. That's especially been the case for a group of senior citizens in Sydmar Lodge Care Home in the U.K., who've recreated a bunch of iconic album covers during their downtime.

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Robert Speker is an activities coordinator at the facility, which has been on lockdown for four months now. Speker posted a series of photos of the recreated album covers next to the originals, which include works by Queen, Bruce Springsteen, the Clash, Blink-182, David Bowie and more. Some of the models in the photos added a twist to their album cover that's unique to themselves, like their own name or year of birth. See the images below.

Speker also launched a GoFundMe page to raise donations to continue on with the photoshoots and other projects, which will give the residents at the home something to look forward to and be excited about. "Elderly people will remain in lockdown for a long time, and I want to make their time as happy and full of enjoyment and interest as possible," he wrote in its description.

The Guardian reports that the U.K. is currently seeing less than 800 new coronavirus cases per day throughout the month of July. At its peak in April and May, they were seeing over 5,000 new cases every day.

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