The numbers on suicide are pretty scary. More soldiers and veterans are dying due to suicide than wars. More police, firefighters and emergency medical professionals fall into the same category. Trauma and specifically post traumatic trauma or PTSD when untreated, leads many to take their own life.

I am sure most families have been touched by suicide in some way. So many people hide it in shame like it's their fault. The suicide stories need to be shared so people can learn from those experiences. You are NEVER going to save someone that won't save themselves but you may be able to see some warning signs and learn ways to make the  situation better.

The public health crisis is now becoming a mental health crisis as well. People are literally going crazy. The political season adds a level of toxicity to everything. Depression and mental illness when untreated usually end up in suicide. Or the person tries to numb the illness with drugs and alcohol, then they become a danger to everyone else. Metal help is readily available. They will video into your house. Therapy has helped me personally and countless others I know.

If you are a soldier or Veteran, click here on you can get help with no insurance. 

Get more info on the National Suicide Prevention Hotline by clicking here. Or call 1-800-273-8255 if you need to talk to someone.

See if you can save a life.

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