Look closely at this photo. I might just look like a dark cloudy sky. But look closer... yes, that is a tornado vortex. It's just one of the twisters that hit Genesee County last night.

Just after 7pm last night, the sirens started blaring in Shiawassee County, and shortly after that Genesee and Lapeer Counties were in the cross hairs as well.  At one point, there were two active tornadoes in Genesee County.  One twister did damage in the Beecher area, where one resident found three garages in his back yard.  The other tornado did some damage on Thompson Road between Jennings and Fairbanks, and that section of Thompson was still closed when this was published.

That second tornado continued east and hit in the Goodrich area, leveling a house on Hegal Road and doing some damage at the High School.  Goodrich Schools are closed today due to power outages.

Here is video of the tornado making its way through the Byron Area, courtesy of Bill Floto.

I live just down the road from one of the worst hit spots. These pictures were taken on Jennings Road between Thompson and Ray Roads.

The storms that caused all the damage started in the Kalamazoo area, and here is their coverage of the storms that peaked in intensity as it came through our area.

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