Say goodbye to Toy's R' Us and hello to Dolls R' Us.

Think of a shopping plaza you frequent. Maybe there is a restaurant there, perhaps a tanning salon? What about a sex doll brothel? Not so much. That is not the case for a plaza in Toronto, Canada. This particular plaza hosts a dry-cleaning business, a nail salon and coming soon - a sex doll brothel. Spoiler alert, not everyone is happy about it.

Aura Dolls is offering a service to clients without the 'limitations and restrictions' that a real partner comes with. I'll say. The official website also reassures customers that the dolls are sanitized. Good to know. Also, if you are worried about discretion, there is a private entrance and exit. Does that apply to the doll too? Wah Wah.

What a time to be alive (or not for the dolls). If you are interested in this service, be sure to have your passport. What will they think of next?