Discovering a Pikachu pug or a Rabbi cat will never, ever get old. We have absolutely no explanation regarding this adorably aww-worthy obsession, but we’re pretty sure most of you will agree with us. But why does it seem like we limit our dressing-up-pets possibilities to dogs, cats and the occasional baby pig? It’s about time sheep took a whack at this whole costume funny business, and we couldn’t have hoped for a better debut.

Meet Edie the lamb--a well-behaved Shetland Sheep who loves attention. So when her owner dressed her in some spiffy swag, Edie did what any seasoned model would do -- the sheep played it super cool.

We’ll just cut to the chase: It’s a lady sheep with a massive wig and a boa. We think there’s some lipstick on there, too. Seriously, Edie? You’re making our Halloween-meets-animal hearts explode with excitement!

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