Sheryl Crow has released another track from her upcoming album, Threads. Listen to “Still the Good Old Days,” featuring Joe Walsh, below.

The song’s upbeat lyrics are sweet and relatable. They celebrate a relationship that has stood the test of time, despite its subject’s many quirks. Crow and Walsh trade verses as they sing about familiar idiosyncrasies like forgetting the name of a movie star and telling the same joke over and over again.

Walsh joins a bevy of marquee artists from the worlds of rock and country to guest on Threads. The collaborative album includes appearances by Stevie Nicks, Keith Richards, Don Henley, James Taylor, Vince Gill, Maren Morris, Willie Nelson, St. Vincent, Mavis Staples, Gary Clark Jr. and Bonnie Raitt. Walsh is also featured on another of the album's tracks, "Prove You Wrong," which was released earlier this month.

"The people I chose to be on the record were just people that I have loved and admired and had relationships with," Crow told iHeart. "Many of these people, I owned their records when I was seven and eight years old. I mean, I can remember unzipping the zipper on Sticky Fingers, and I remember the cover of Rumours and wanting to look like Stevie Nicks. And who would have thought a young girl from a tiny town in Missouri would wind up working with these people and having relationships with them? So, when it came time to make the record, there was an obvious list of people I wanted to ask. And luckily most of them said yes."

Threads comes out on Aug. 30. Crow previously revealed that it will be her last traditionally released LP, though she still plans on touring and delivering the occasional single.

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