You know as well as I do - there is a National Day for everything, and this Saturday just so happens to be Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday reminds us of the prime shopping opportunities right in our own communities. Think about it - we have so many unique and niche shops and stores throughout Genesee County, Lapeer County, and Oakland County. From downtown Lapeer, to downtown Fenton and downtown Holly - there are a lot of small businesses that would love to have your business this holiday season.

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I should also point out that there are many local businesses that are online only. From Etsy shops to The Machine Shop - you can still shop online and still be shopping local.

If you are ordering gifts from out of the country and even another state - you are gambling. I think by now we are all well aware of the shipping problem we are facing. Why take the chance? No one wants an I-O-U gift. Support Small Business Saturday this weekend and rest easy knowing your holiday shopping is done.

Another option is purchasing local bar and restaurant gift cards - that counts too. Trust me, after the holidays are over people are ready for a night out. More specifically people are ready to be waited on. As a matter of fact, I might just pick up a couple of gift cards to treat myself. Feel free to shop our Value Connection website to save on countless local gift certificates.

Here is to a wonderful holiday season, supporting local businesses and not breaking the bank. Feel free to share your favorite local small businesses with me.


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