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The 2021 holiday season is winding down and, as a reminder of the benefits of community goodwill and general acts of kindness, a video clip of a man gifting a grocery store employee a guitar has resurfaced.

The video, which was captured in September, features 50-year-old shopper Chris Glover and 27-year-old employee Derek Woods, was shared by People Magazine on Twitter yesterday (Dec. 26), one day after the Christmas holiday where countless gifts were exchanged between family and friends.

As originally reported by Daily Mail, Glover and Woods, the latter of whom works at the grocery store chain Publix in Orlando, Florida, developed a friendship throughout the previous handful of months as Glover handled the shopping while his wife, Jennifer, remained isolated at home with stage IV cancer.

In their conversations, Woods had at one point told Glover he was saving up to purchase a new Les Paul guitar, which prompted Glover to instead surprise his new friend with a most memorable gift — an Epiphone Les Paul Studio LT guitar with a cherry sunburst body, which he and Jennifer hand-delivered to Woods while he was at work.

In the video clips below, Glover prefaced the big reveal by rhetorically asking Woods about how he had been saving up to buy a new guitar and asked if a Les Paul will suffice. Woods, in complete disbelief, exclaimed, "Are you kidding me?" and threw his hands over his head and jumped up and down with excitement.

The beaming smile on Glover's face as he watched his friend soak in the surprise showed the moment was equally rewarding for everyone involved and is a testament to how powerful the gift of giving is.

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