In this world, there is usually very little that comes as shock. For instance, guitar god and all around good dude Slash being a Betty White fan isn’t really a shock. Most of the world is a Betty White fan these days. The only people that aren’t Betty White fans are people that are kind of sick of all the Betty White talk. You know what those people are called? Jerks.

Anyway, Slash did an awesome interview with our brother website Loudwire to promote his latest solo project ‘Apocalyptic Love,’ which will be released on May 22. The discussion turned to the Golden Girl (when DOESN’T an interview with a rock icon involve Betty White) and Slash had some interesting words about his co-star in several L.A. Zoo commercials. His love of Betty goes way back, and that’s what we find so shocking.

“You’ve been in a bunch of commercials with Betty White for the LA Zoo. It’s really cool to see a public figure on television in a commercial that you actually enjoy watching. How did that come to be?

I’m on the board at the L.A. Zoo and Betty’s on the board at the L.A. Zoo, but we’re sort of the resident celebrities, I guess? We’re the most known public figures on the board. So there’s this new exhibit that’s been opened [and] that’s been highly anticipated for years, which is the new reptile exhibit. And I’m a big proponent of the whole, sort of, reptile support, and so they came to us and said, you know, ‘Would you want to do some ads to help promote the grand opening of ‘The Lair?,’ which is what it’s called. So we said ‘Yeah,’ and then they wrote up these commercials that we thought were pretty funny and we just spent an afternoon at the zoo doing these commercials. But I’ve known Betty for five or six years.

Through the zoo?

Yeah, but I’ve always been a fan of hers ever since ‘Mary Tyler Moore,’ and so she’s just this really frisky, energetic, little lady whose super, super sharp and hilarious. So yeah, we had a good time.”

The image of a young Slash practicing guitar and watching Mary Tyler Moore is just magical. Young Slash running around doing Ted Baxter impersonations and tossing his top hat high into the air. “I’m gonna make it after all!” Absolutely magical.

Maybe Betty will be on hand when Slash and Guns N’ Roses get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

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