Guitarist Slick Aguilar, a mainstay in the Jefferson Starship lineup since Paul Kantner rebooted the group in 1992, may soon receive the long-awaited liver transplant he needs to save his life.

Aguilar shared the news via Facebook, telling friends and followers that following some scary months after receiving his initial diagnosis last year, "I was told that I am now first in line for a transplant for my blood type whenever the next liver becomes available."

But he could still find himself looking at a long wait. "My blood type is B-[minus], which is kind of rare," explained Aguilar. "So, even though I am now at the top of the list, it could still take a while before a B-[minus] liver becomes available. Could be tomorrow -- could be six months."

It all adds up to a tumultuous time for Aguilar, who admitted to mixed feelings regarding the whole situation. "I am excited and nervous at the same time," he wrote. "When I received this news, my heart raced, as this is what I have been hoping and praying for. But when I think that I may be under the knife soon, it's scary. However, since this has to be done sooner or later, lets rock 'n' roll and get this done!"

Aguilar -- who served with Jefferson Airplane vets Kantner, Marty Balin, and Jack Casady in the short-lived KBC Band during the '80s -- has helped anchor a constantly shifting Jefferson Starship lineup during the band's past couple of decades. Their most recent album, 'Jefferson's Tree of Liberty,' was released in 2008.

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