This past weekend's 'SNL' with Martin Short hosting and music legend Paul McCartney, certainly proved at least memorable, between the solemn cold opening paying tribute to the victims of the recent Sandy Hook tragedy, and Samuel L. Jackson accidentally cursing not once, but twice amid the sketches. So how can the series top itself again when 'SNL' returns in 2013? By recruiting 'The Hunger Games' and 'X-Men: First Class' star Jennifer Lawrence, as its next host, of course! Will she pay tribute to the 'SNL' greats?

Brace yourselves: 'Hunger Games' parodies are coming. During the recent 'SNL' broadcast that saw everything from Samuel L. Jackson dropping the f-bomb to Charlie Brown getting a raunchy makeover, the network announced that Jennifer Lawrence would take up hosting duties when the show resumes on January 19. Accompanying the hotly debated genre star as musical guest will be folk rock band The Lumineers.

Given that Lawrence is a first-time host, what can we expect? Surely a few 'Hunger Games' parodies here and there, but will the actress be able to handle a live audience? Will she cost the studio money like Samuel L. Jackson's recent gaffe is sure to?

Check out a deleted scene from this past Saturday's episode, and tell us how you think Jennifer Lawrence will fare as the next 'SNL' host in the comments!

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