It's not very often you hear about a murder happening in Petosky but that's exactly what happened recently.

According to Mid-Michigan Now, Joel Wheatley is accused of murdering his father, Jack Wheatley, after an argument.

Yes, his father. I know stuff like this happens from time to time but I still have a hard time wrapping my head around it. This dude didn't just kill his father, he beat him to death with a baseball bat after they apparently got into an argument. Yes, an argument.

Jack Wheatley was from Royal Oak and was visiting his son when the incident took place.

Matt Breed who's the director of Public Safety said:

It doesn't occur very often and that's why it can be particularly alarming and that's why we want to get the message out to the people of our community that there was no threat that was relevant to this investigation to the public in general. It was an isolated incident that was dealt with and contained. We wanted to reassure our community members that there was no threat that would endanger them.

After killing his father, Joel Wheatley could have easily called the police and told them about the heinous crime he'd just committed. Instead, he stole his father's credit cards and then took his car to buy booze and cigarettes. Who knows, maybe he knew he was done for and wanted to get one last drink and cigarette in before going to jail.

Of course, I don't know all the facts about their relationship and I'm unclear of what went down aside from the fact that he murdered his own father. I'm just a guy on the outside looking in and from out here, it looks pretty freaking disturbing.

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