Last fall, Soundgarden played one of their more spirited shows in Los Angeles during the group's recent 'King Animal' trek, and luckily, the cameras were there to catch it. The band's blistering set will appear on the upcoming season of the long-running series, 'Live From the Artists Den.'

The public television series will return for its sixth season this summer with a lineup that includes Soundgarden, Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran and The Killers. So far, official air dates have not been given, but the performances will air during the month of July.

A new trailer has surfaced teasing the TV show's upcoming year, with bits of each performer playing and speaking during the promo. During Soundgarden's portion of the trailer, fans are treated to an extended jam of 'My Wave,' while Chris Cornell addresses the viewers.

Speaking about the band's creative process, Cornell explains, "We have four guys that have musical ideas that come in and show each other those musical ideas and then that's it, you know, it's off to the races." The full promo for the upcoming season can be seen below. Two more acts are expected to be named for the newest season of 'Live From the Artists Den.' For additional info, check here.

Soundgarden kick off a new leg of dates May 3 in Atlantic City, N.J., with shows running until May 28 in Broomfield, Colo.

Watch the 'Live From the Artists Den' Season 6 Trailer