Memorial Day is upon us and Independence Day is only a few short weeks away, which means we will be waving our American Flags proudly.  Which sport waves the USA flag the highest?Not that it’s any sort of competition, but there has to be a winner when it comes to the most patriotic sport.  Each one of the professional sports does something different to pay tribute to the country.  It must be difficult these days, since many players come from other places.

The NFL and NBA have the most American born players. Basketball has seen a surge in overseas talent in recent years, but football remains the sport dominated by American athletes. Basketball has long been associated with the USA. That’s thanks to our domination in the Olympics. Hockey has also had a good showing in the Olympic games, and it’s popularity has grown quite a bit.

Baseball has been America’s pastime for decades. After all, you can’t ignore the old saying “as American as baseball and apple pie.” One of the biggest cities happens to be home to an event that brought about a huge patriotic movement. We are referring too 9/11, and both the Mets and Yankees were right there in New York when it happened. They proudly wore the red, white and blue for weeks after that.

So, out of all the sports, which one is the most patriotic?

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