I am not a good dancer. I know a few line dances - Cupid Shuffle, The Hustle and another one I can't remember the name of (I know it when the music starts). Other than that I have two dance moves - dumb and even dumber.

You will never see me 'whip' or watch me 'nae nae' and you will certainly never see me twerking. It's not because I don't want too - my body just refuses to move like that. Let's just say the wrong parts move in all of the wrong ways. That is not the case for Sports Illustrated supermodel Ashley Graham. The girl can twerk. Ashley has shown us her twerking capabilities in the past, and most recently behind the scenes of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot.

I see a lot of people smoking cigarettes and eating during the workday here at the radio station - but no one is twerking. Chris Monroe is always however jerking - well you get my point. Check out Ashley twerking while working below.