Every day this week leading up to St. Patrick's Day - I am giving you a fun drink idea. Yesterday I gave you the Watermelon Keg, which is a lot cheaper to make than today's featured drink - the Irish Fishbowl. That being said - this drink is quite impressive.

There are a lot of ingredients in this drink - including buying a fishbowl. That being said - I think there are a few added beverages that I would eliminate. I am good with the fruit, the Jameson, apple juice, and Sour Apple Pucker. If you are someone who follows recipes to the letter than get ready to also purchase Midori, Blue Curacao and more. See what I mean? Too many ingredients.

One thing you will definitely need is a clover cookie cutter. You may also want to watch the how-to video below with the volume down. The hosts are a little much. If you do make this, send me a picture or better yet - invite me over. Cheers!

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